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Komori Color+

Our technology holds up against the standards of today, with a growing opportunity to enjoy the multi-layered benefits of quality, productivity and efficiency even more. Many modern printing and proofing papers contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) to enhance the appearance of the printed results. Their presence create challenges when it comes to color management, so the new ISO 12647-2:2013 standard has been brought to life -and paper.

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Upgrade Packages

Komori technology continues to reflect the changing needs of our industry. The Komori development philosophy is one of Kaizen – “continuous improvement”. This applies across all our products, systems and components. There is a growing requirement for such improvements to have a green focus. Many of the recent upgrades and enhancements we now offer are aimed to reduce wastage – of time, materials and power, in addition to improving product performance.

Wherever possible, we want all Komori printers to have the opportunity to benefit from Komori Kaizen. Amongst several upgrade and enhancement packages available to you, here are some of the most popular:

KHS > KHS-AI: Komori’s advanced interface incorporates a self-learning function to reduce waste and enhance make-ready speeds. In addition, its Smart Sequence function enables the operator to pre-programme a preferred sequence of automatic make-ready procedures, such as pre-inking, wash-ups, plate changing and start-up.

PDC-S > PDC-SII: Our latest print density control system is substantially faster! With a look-ahead sensor, real time measurement graph and quick reaction touch screen interface, measurement speed is reduced on a straight press to just 12 seconds per sheet. On a perfecting press this takes just 24 seconds per sheet.

K-Station v.2 > K-Station v.3: The K-Station v.3 provides the perfect interface between press and production control. It is designed for optimal connectivity and maximum information feedback on all press operations, scheduling and reporting.

Prepac blanket wash: This eco-friendly and highly efficient enhancement reduces wash cycle times It reduces material usage and waste. And it eliminates the need for application of conventional solvents. It also saves operator time and can be easily integrated into our automated press control systems.

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