Komori offers a service that provides customers the ability to easily order affordable pressroom supplies that have been tested and approved for use with Komori presses.

K-Supply comes under the umbrella of the company’s PESP (Print Engineering Service Provider) program that offers an entire line of value-added support, including service programs, press efficiency audits, press upgrades and more. With K-Supply, Komori customers can now enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping for consumables and replacement parts.

K-Supply offers a unique line of premium pressroom products to improve the print shop efficiency and profitability.



Product Category Category
KG-200 Serie Westland Rollers
KG-300 Serie Apex Anilox rollers
KG-300 Serie Baldwin Prepac Washcloth
KG-300 Serie Washcloth Washcloth
KG-300 Serie Finito Underpacking
KG-321 H-UV/UV Blanket Blankets
KG-500 Serie Bottcher Pressroom chemicals
KG-500 Serie Prisco Pressroom chemicals
KG-900 Series Schmid Rhyner Coatings
KG-911 H-UV Ink H-UV Ink

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