Company Introduction

Prisco® is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of offset pressroom chemistry, and process control equipment.

Prisco® fountain concentrates and pressroom chemicals are recognized by printers throughout the world as the best wide-latitude performance for conventional and alcohol-free offset printing.

We offer a wide range of products dedicated to low-migration and food packaging printing. Amongst the many quality advantages to be gained from alcohol-free printing, we highlight sharper dots, shorter drying times, more consistent colour reproduction, all that while saving money and saving the environment. With well over 100 years of experience, Prisco® products and technical expertise are unmatched in the industry. 


Following PRISCO® products are promoted as K-Supply Premium Quality products: 


PRISCO® K-Supply Fountain Concentrates:

  • HF64 - Questar CTP 300 Fountain Solution Concentrate is a IPA-free, one-step fountain solution concentrate, developed for HUV, UV and Conventional inks. The product is buffered for use with low- to  medium alkalinity water.
    • Directions: Add 3,5 - 5,0 % of QUESTAR CTP 300 to water to obtain a pH range between 4,5 and 4,9.
  • HE54 - Questar CTP 122 EU Fountain Solution Concentrate is a CTP plate-safe, IPA-free, one-step fountain solution concentrate. The product is specially buffered for use with low-alkalinity water.
    • Directions: Add 4,0 - 5,0 % of QUESTAR CTP 122 EU to water to obtain a pH range between 4,6 and 5,2.
  • HD65 - Questar CTP 162 Fountain Solution Concentrate is a one Step Alcoholfree for use on low- to medium alkaline water quality (>250mg/L HCO3).
    • Directions: Add 5,0 - 8,0 % of QUESTAR CTP 162 to water to obtain a pH range between 4,5 and 4,9.


PRISCO® K-Supply Solvents:

  • B456 - DigiTech™ 700 is a water miscible wash for automatic cleaning systems formulated for use on conventional inks. It is an excellent wash for both blankets and rollers on standard offset presses. This product has been tested and proven safe for all press components. It is certified by ISEGA for use in food packaging printing. DigiTech 700 has a flashpoint of 62° C.
  • A158 - UV NC PEL, HUV & UV Blanket and Roller Wash is an excellent cleaner for presses using todays latest technologies. It is compatible on EPDM or combi-rollers and blankets. UV NC PEL contains additives to prevent corrosion of brass and other soft metals. It is certified by ISEGA for use in food packaging printing. UV NC PEL has a flashpoint of 85° C.
  • A160 - Combi Wash is a class AIII high-strength roller and blanket wash for use with conventional, hybrid, HUV and UV inks. The formula consists of solvents and surfactants to facilitate deep cleaning of lithographic blankets and rollers in Mix-Quality. Combi Wash has a flashpoint of 67°C.


PRISCO® K-Supply Specials:

  • A968 - MRC-Lo is a fast drying, mild odor solvent for efficient cleaning & degreasing rubber rollers in the dampening system.  This metering roller cleaner removes ink, glaze, grease and other contaminants, while returning the rollers' surface to a more resilient, water-receptive state.
  • C625 - Chrome Roller Cleaner is formulated as a heavyduty cleaner and desensitizer for chrome dampening rollers. Effectively restores water carrying capacity of the roller by replacing the ink and oxidation contamination with a protective, water receptive film. Permits better control of dampening. Chrome Roller Cleaner has no flashpoint.